~ Jody Brand

Exhibition catalogue
Being there
Fondation Louis Vuitton & Dilecta
Paris, 2017

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It is my mission to challenge present representations of minorities.1

Born In Cape Town In 1989

Jody Brand lives and works in Cape Town. After study- ing at the University of Cape Town, she graduated from the Market Photo Workshop in 2012, then was artist Athi-Patra Ruga’s assistant until 2014. Interested in new media at an early age and a photographer rst and foremost, she documents the lives of the multi- cultural youth of Cape Town. “As a child I was fasci- nated by history and how it has shaped society. [...] I feel it is of great importance to document my history and that of the people around me.”2

Her rst series of photographs, “Chomma,” was dedi- cated to her family and friends, of whom she archived images online on Tumblr. She now focuses on “invis- ible” gures, the “voiceless” who are still subject to violence. She is particularly involved in the representa- tion of cultural minorities and seeks to give them a new visibility.

In “Say her Name,” a series of large-format photographs, she creates a universe that sublimates the bodies of black women and queers. Setting herself apart from stereotypes, she creates gures posing in interiors or exteriors typically associated with colonialism – their clothes and poses refering to a world from which they were excluded and which they appropriate outra- geously. These photographs af rm the body as a place of resistance and emancipation. The title of the series, chosen in reference to the hashtag created to make people aware of violence against women,3 becomes a rallying sign here.

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