"We have the moon from another time, from another sky, another name, in the meantime, otherwise "...

Palais de Tokyo - Paris

Performative-talk between two voices & two bodies
with Julien Creuzet, Ana Pi, Mbalango Mbalango, Anaïs Lepage

Echoing Julien Creuzet solo show exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, Julien Creuzet (artist), Ana Pi (choreographer), Mbalango Mbalango (musician), Anaïs Lepage (curator) conceive a unique evening of performances merging theoretical and intimate narratives, poetry, danse and music.

"We have the moon of another time, of another sky, another name, in the meantime, otherwise "...

... is the excerpt of a poem, a first-person litany that soon doubles up, multiplies itself to incarnate in other voices, other bodies, and other sounds. An invitation to the forgotten spirits of the depths and shipwrecks, to the creatures of metal and plastic with contagious limits. Animated or petrified images - but talkative. Apparitions and voices that plunge into the ripples of history.
You confided to me your desire not to explain anything and let the senses act. We did not know, yet, what stories we would tell you.

- Anaïs Lepage

video extract