Éric Giraudet de Boudemange,
So Ham

Conference-performace, talk and assisted meditation workshop
Eric Giraudet de Boudemange’s exhibition « Bovis at 13.000 ».

Les Capucins Art Center, Embrun, France
June 19, 2019

Eric Giraudet de Boudemange spins a pastoral metaphor, evoking — not without humor — the nostalgia of an original alliance between Man and Nature in a pastoral world. In this way, the exhibited works strive for an inter-species future where humans are hybridized with animals and even plants. The artworks reach toward the harmony of a world where the cosmo-telluric energies circulate freely in and between bodies. The pieces invite us with benevolence toward a raising of consciousness: that we all participate in a vast cycle of life where carrion is our common destiny.